175th Anniversary

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Becoming the People of God Documentary Series | Episode 4: Leaders

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We did it! The Anniversary Campaign

We did it! You did it! Together, with generous matching dollars, we have raised the full amount of $175,000, and we did it in 90 days - 2 months faster than our initial goal!

This campaign has fully funded work on the former Blur Room (scroll down to see it finished), Trentham Hall, our ground-floor bathrooms, a one-year internship scholarship, main floor & office recarpeting, and updates to the Mezzanine. Work on these projects has already begun and will continue throughout 2018. 

Haven’t had a chance to give yet?

Well, with a facility as large as ours, there will always be areas to improve and update. Below you’ll also see a section devoted to projects we’d love to undertake if we raise over and above our goal. Check out what can be done with $25,000 more dollars.

Thanks for being part of this journey with us. We look forward to all the ways this work will help us become the people God is calling us to be.

+ $25,000 Projects

New Children's Bathroom Flooring: We'd love to partner with our children's ministry to maintain a safe and clean environment for our kids!

Dwell Entry Accessibility: This entrance is one of the few places that isn't handicapped-accessible. We'd like to update it. 

Mezzanine: With additional funds, we will complete this space, making it a welcoming place for mission partners. 

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Introducing the 230Centre

The former Blue Room, now called 230Centre, has all new paint, electricity, sound system, furniture, carpeting, and video equipment!

Did you know the former Blue Room is actually Room 230? It’s also at the center of our church and is a venue for a variety of event types. For this reason, we chose to call it 230Centre - a name indicative of the room’s placement and function.


Becoming the People of God Magazine

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