Our Ministers & Staff

Ministerial Staff

Richard Buerkle

Minister of Music & Worshipoffice: 865-246-4668

Scott Claybrook

Minister with Young Adults and Communicationsoffice: 865-246-4678

Arthur Clayton

Minister of Congregational Mission & Minister with the Deafoffice: 865-246-4661

Pam Neal

Minister of Administrationoffice: 865-246-4660

Tom Ogburn

Senior Pastoroffice: 865-246-4664

Susan Tatum

Minister with Children and Familiesoffice: 865-246-4666

Dave Ward

Minister Emeritusoffice: 865-246-4667

Ben Winder

Minister with Youth and Familiesoffice: 865-246-4663

Administrative Staff

Rachel Bell

Communication and Media Coordinatoroffice: 865-246-4652

Vanessa Moore

Ministry Assistant for Congregational Missions, Young Adults, Communication Ministriesoffice: 865-246-4653

Kim Pieratt

Ministry Assistant for Children, Youth, Music and Worship Ministriesoffice: 865-246-4655

Beverly Shirk

Financial Systems Coordinatoroffice: 865-246-4654

Support Staff

Jim Snell

Facilities Manageroffice: 865-246-4656

Herman Weaver

Church Hostoffice: 865-246-4671