2016 Advent Devotional Guide

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From the Preface

This collection of devotions continues a growing tradition of creating and collection devotions from young adults in our church.  This Advent collection takes its place alongside two past collections of Lenten Devotions. These devotions grew out of a simple belief:  that writing and reading about faith is essential.  The devotions come in all shapes and sizes, written by people of all types and stripes.  You will find some voices quite mature and reflective while others are young, just beginning to learn the strength of their own voice.  By making space for this work, you are marking space for young believers to further hone their faith and witness.

Nothing in these devotions seeks to prescribe but rather only to describe, to describe what it means to be a young adult of faith living and working in this moment in time.  While each devotional comes from a young adult, we offer them to the broader First Baptist community as a gift.  We hope they serve as a source of encouragement and engagement for you as you begin your own wrestling with God’s word to you during this season of Lent.

Here are some notes regarding this guide’s structure and recommended use.

Advent takes place across four weeks.  Each week, beginning on Sunday, you will find a detailed reflection introducing the theme for the week.  The devotions that follow will invite you to reflect upon Scriptures that intersect the week’s theme.  You will find a Scripture, a reflection/meditation upon that Scripture, and then a prayer (written in italics) that you can either pray or use as a final piece of reflection.

These devotions come from a diverse group of young adults, but they represent only a fraction of our church’s young adult population.  In the coming months, we hope to bring even more voices to the table as we work together to hear God speak in and through one another.

Finally, let me say a word about this project’s coordinator and editor.  One of our young adults, Josh Durham, has been intimately involved in the devotional collections we have produced in recent years.  With this collection, however, he has taken on a greater role – in envisioning, writing, and producing – in leading this process than ever before.  The Sunday reflections you encounter are his, and the Scripture selections are of his design.  Josh, thank you for your leadership, creativity, and hard work on this project!

Church Family, thank you for sharing this journey with us.  We count it a privilege and honor to share it with you.

Josh Durham and Scott Claybrook, November 2016