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Local Construction

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Completed Projects

Local construction never ends. The city begins one project and before it’s finished, another is started. Block-by-block and brick-by-brick Knoxville is made new, and when you get to the end, you start it all again. The renovations perpetuate themselves, and often they are mundane or inconvenient or downright frustrating. The result, however, is a flourishing city with dedicated Knoxvillians who cherish their local culture.

The life of a disciple mirrors the never-ending cycle of local construction. It is one of perpetual teaching, learning, and growth. Sometimes this process is uncomfortable. Sometimes it is mundane. Sometimes dark places are illuminated and we understand Christ like we never have before. Whatever the circumstance, we are never done becoming more like Christ. The result is a people of faith in the city for the city.

Similarly, our physical church building must also be cared for. The way our facility functions and looks communicates our dedication to cultivate a place of safety and peace for those who do and don’t know Christ.

This process is ongoing and made possible through the tithes, offerings, estate gifts, and designated giving from our church family. Your gifts are used for various purposes impacting areas all over the world, including right here at home. We want to not only thank you as a church family for giving generously, but we also want you to know how your money is used.

So, over the past four years, we have completed a total of 28 projects in and around our church building. Some of these have been noticeable changes. Others could go completely unnoticed. These projects account for more than half a million dollars in repairs, purchases, installations, and upgrades for our facility. As we usher in our 175th year, we will continue this process of renewal, creating space for newcomers to experience Christ through our facility.


  • Main Street entrance steps and replaced the full lower step
  • flooring issues in West Workroom
  • Sanctuary ceiling
  • Cleaned/repaired HVAC units as appropriate
  • Hill Avenue concrete pad


  • Handrails throughout the church
  • Sink to flower room
  • New conference room table
  • New piano in Choir Suite
  • Bicycle rack
  • Security camera system
  • Handicapped entrance to Trentham Hall
  • New grease trap interceptor and related paving
  • New server for IT functions
  • Art display in second-floor crossover


  • All windows in 1924 building and cleaned all windows in the entire building
  • Cleared trees from behind Trentham Hall/lower parking lot
  • Blue Room Kitchen Floor
  • Young Adult Suite
  • Wrought iron across the entire building
  • Kitchen ceiling
  • Sanctuary Lighting to LED
  • Sound system elements in Trentham Hall and Sanctuary
  • Kitchen steamer
  • Boiler with twin boiler package
  • Hill Avenue entrance and Bridge signage

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dianna mercier Oct 15, 2017 12:16pm

first time on the blog. thanks for listing all this out. especially since i'm not IN the church building but a couple times per month right now, I had not known about most of this. thrilled we are maintaining our historic and beautiful buildings. wonderful and necessary use of our tithes.

Kay Reed Oct 25, 2017 5:36pm

The list is very impressive. It's exciting to know that improvements are being made. Since I don't get to see the changes because of living out of state, I would love to see some pictures of the improvements.

George Johnson Oct 26, 2017 12:02am

What was the repair shown in the picture?