2017 Lent

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From the Introduction

The overarching theme to this year's Lenten reading guide is "Take up your cross." This is a guided journey through Scripture that invites you to make the journey to the cross with Jesus and become a co-sufferer with Christ.  The scripture selections are based on the 15 "New Stations of the Cross" and connecting events between. The passages were selected from various gospel accounts in an attempt to weave a chronological narrative of Jesus' transition from ministry to crucifixion. 

The format of this devotion is slightly different than previous editions.  In an attempt to allow the scripture to speak for itself and encourage the readers to make a greater investment in their own discernment of the text, the amount of original material from members of First Baptist has been reduced.  Consider reading just the scripture selection straight through as a single narrative prior to reading them as a daily devotion.

The scriptures are divided into seven weekday sub-themes.

The first day of each weekly section will have a longer original piece that reflects upon the scriptures of that week and relates them to the theme of taking up the cross.  The remaining days will contain a hymn or quote relevant to the scripture from a prominent Christian figure.  Each day, instead of ending with an original prayer from the contributor, will provide original prompts/thoughts for your prayer. Each day you will find the Scripture in bold print, any quote/hymn in italics, and a prompt for reflection in plain type.

This guide is meant to encourage a greater level of participation on the part of the reader.  Search the Word of God, search your own heart, seek the path that leads you to join with Christ and Take up Your Cross.


Josh Durham
Scott Claybrook