Caterpillar Cove

For if a man belongs to Christ, he is a new person.
The old is gone. New life has begun.
2 Corinthians 5:17

Welcome to Caterpillar Cove, FBC’s ministry to children from birth through Kindergarten! The preschool years are vitally important. Foundations are laid that determine future success. It is a time when preschoolers are growing physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally at a rapid pace. Everything from basic life skills, such as trust, to foundational spiritual and moral values are developed during these young years.

Preschoolers at First Baptist will experience active learning experiences that teach them about God, Jesus, the Bible, church, self, family, others, and their natural world. It is our desire that your child develop a loving attitude toward God and others.  Likewise, we want to do our best to come alongside you and your family through these exciting and challenging years of raising a young child!

For more details about Caterpillar Cove, our parent and child ministries, FAQs, and volunteer opportunities, check out our Caterpillar Cove information packet here.