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End-Of-Year Giving

Posted by Rachel Bell on

    Looking for ways to give this holiday season? Here are five great places for end-of-year gifts. 1. First Baptist Be part of setting First Baptist up for a new year of worship, mission, discipleship, and community. Our offices will be open to receive year-end gifts through...

Why I Sing: Haley Womack

Posted by Rachel Bell on

Haley Womack and her husband, Matt, came to Knoxville in June of this year. Haley is a Financial Counselor, and Matt is in Law School at UT. Both grew up in Baptist churches and describe themselves as “Baptist at heart.” Together, they attended First Baptist from their hometown in...

Why I Sing: David Mosher

Posted by Rachel Bell on

“In one way or another, we are all touched by music,” says David Mosher. “There is something about it that touches on the divine and eternity, so it’s something everyone can relate to. Creative expressions find their root in God himself because he is the...

Why I Sing: Steve and Patti Foster

Posted by Rachel Bell on

“Singing brings joy to your life,” says Steve Foster. “It gives you the opportunity to express [joy] to other folks. Not as a show, but as a message to encourage and inspire. To help draw attention to why we’re singing – because of Jesus and what he’s done in...

E-Doers: Life on Mission

Posted by Rachel Bell on

  “Living your life on mission,” is a frequently used concept in Christian communities. What does it actually mean to live a missional life? Maybe hearing “missional life” makes you think of street evangelists. Or, maybe it makes you think of people who lean over and...

Family Promise: A Look into Local Homelessness

Posted by Rachel Bell on

  Right now, according to the Community Dashboard on Homelessness, over 2675 people are homeless in Knoxville. A little less than a quarter of that number are homeless for mental or health reasons or criminal activity. If you’ve only encountered homeless people when driving down...

Local Construction

Posted by Rachel Bell on

Completed Projects Local construction never ends. The city begins one project and before it’s finished, another is started. Block-by-block and brick-by-brick Knoxville is made new, and when you get to the end, you start it all again. The renovations perpetuate themselves, and often they...

A Child Will Lead Them

Posted by Rachel Bell on

“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” Isaiah 11:6. Often, children say the most enlightened and illuminating things, unmarred by societal pressures and...


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